• 360 Degree Feedback Tool

    360 Degree Feedback Tool

    Your own in-house, customised, automated 360 degree feedback tool from a trusted supplier - for the same cost as an 'off the shelf' app.

    An efficient tool which saves a great deal of HR team project management time by by empowering staff and managers to manage their own 360 assessment projects, while delivering high quality live project 'status' feedback and insightful reporting.

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  • 360 Degree Feedback Service

    360 Degree Feedback Service

    A customisedwhite-labelled 360 degree feedback managed service from a trusted supplier, for the same cost as an 'off the shelf' template approach.

    A 360 degree appraisal diagnostic report is a very effective tool for raising self-awareness within individuals and fostering a shift to a more open and honest feedback culture within an organisation. 

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  • Performance Appraisal Tool

    Performance Appraisal Tool

    A customisedwhite-labelled Performance Appraisal tool from a trusted supplier, for the same cost as an 'off the shelf' app.

    SurveyShack Performance Appraisal Tools help you to deliver your HR business goals and reduce your costs.